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Defending Consumers & Businesses from Merchant Cash Advance Loan Collection & Lawsuits

Have you ever taken out a merchant cash advance loan? If so, you’re not alone. Thousands of consumers and businesses in New York have turned to these loans as a way to cover expenses during the pandemic. Unfortunately, many of these borrowers have found themselves facing UCC liens, lawsuits and judgements for non-payment or underpayment. Often this occurs due to the extremely high interest that the MCA lenders charge. That’s where PDLFL Law comes in. We have experience defending our clients from these lenders and their attorneys and getting them settlements that save them thousands of dollars. Let’s take a look at how we do it.


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What is a Merchant Cash Advance Loan?

A merchant cash advance loan is a type of financing that provides short-term working capital to businesses. It is generally used by small business owners who need cash quickly and are unable to get traditional financing due to lack of collateral, bad credit, or other factors. The lender advances the borrower money in exchange for a fixed percentage of the borrower's future sales revenue or receivables until the loan is paid off.

How Can PDLFL Law Help?

PDLFL Law understands the financial burden faced by consumers and businesses that have taken out merchant cash advance loans during this difficult time. We can help defend against UCC liens, lawsuits and judgements from lenders who are trying to collect payments on loans that have gone into default or are delinquent. These defaults usually lead to additional interest or fees that can exceed 30% - 100% or more from our experience. Additionally, we can help negotiate settlements that could potentially save our clients thousands of dollars in repayment fees and interest charges or dismiss the matter altogether.

What Should I Do Next?

If you’ve received notice from a lender about a UCC lien, improper repayment, default, collection, or a lawsuit on your merchant cash advance loan, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at PDLFL Law as soon as possible for legal advice about your options. Our experienced attorneys will work with you every step of the way to protect your rights and get you the best outcome possible in your case. We have defended against practically every merchant cash advance lender out there and their attorneys as seen below.

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Get Rid of Merchant Cash Advance Debt

  • What is merchant cash advance debt?
    A Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) is a sale of future receivables that is used in a business financing transaction that provides a one-time lump sum of capital in exchange for a percentage of your future sales. While many small business owners rely on these advances. to f, they can sometimes become a financial burden. Renegotiating your MCA terms is an effective strategy to get your business cash flow back.
  • What is business debt settlement?
    Business debt settlement is a debt relief process that involves negotiating to pay less than what you owe. You may start receiving phone calls, which can happen at a frequency that constitutes harassment or is at least close to it. You may also receive letters in the mail, and if it’s gone on long enough, the commercial debt collection agency may file a lawsuit against you.
  • How does debt settlement work?
    The business debt settlement process can be a lengthy one. You’ll likely need to enlist the help of a debt settlement company or business debt settlement lawyer.

    They’ll notify the collection agency that you’d like to pursue a settlement and can request that the collection agency no longer contact you directly. If you have money that you can use to negotiate, the attorney or company representing you can start the process immediately. If not, you’ll typically pay into an account with the firm each month until you have enough for them to negotiate on your behalf.

    If the agency agrees to the settlement, it’ll provide a written statement that the debt has been satisfied and forgiven the remaining balance.
  • Why do I need to settle my business debt?
    Depending on your situation, settling a debt can have several benefits. If your business is at risk of going under, for instance, settling for less than what you owe could make it easier to stay in business. If you’re going out of business, it can be a good way to protect your personal assets.

    These personal guarantees mean that you agreed when you applied for the loan that you’d personally pay back the debt if your business can’t. Hiring a business debt settlement lawyer can ultimately help you save more money in the long run because debt attorneys are experienced in working in the industry. They understand how collection agencies work and the tactics they’ll use. They can also inform you of your rights and ensure that you’re protected if the collection agency breaks the law.

    Finally, a business debt settlement lawyer can act as a middleman between you and the agency, which means all communication goes through the firm. That way, you don’t have to worry about collectors calling constantly.

    Then the attorney will negotiate for you. Depending on how much you owe, they could help in Dealing with debt collectors which can be a stressful and frustrating experience. If your business can’t pay what it owes and you can’t afford to repay unsecured debt, settling can be a good way to get rid of the debt without needing to pay the full amount. u save thousands of dollars and get your credit rating back.

our Debt Relief Attorneys will fight against creditors and help you achieve the financial freedom you deserve!

What Is an MCA UCC Lien?

You’ve taken out a merchant cash advance (MCA), you may already have an MCA UCC lien on your business credit reports. While this is typical for MCAs and other forms of business financing, it could impact your ability to get credit in the future. This is especially the case if the information in the UCC lien is incorrect.

Moreover, the lien could impact your business if you fail to repay the merchant cash advance. Here’s what you need to know about MCA UCC liens, how they affect borrowers, and how to get rid of one. UCC is short for the Uniform Commercial Code, a set of laws that help uniformly regulate business transactions.

A UCC lien filing, also referred to as a UCC lien or a UCC-1 lien, is a financing statement that creditors can file with the secretary of state when borrowers take out a small business loan.

Essentially, the UCC filing states that the lender has placed a lien against one or more of your business assets. For instance, if you’ve taken out an equipment loan, it’ll typically be a specific collateral lien against the piece of equipment you used to secure the loan.

In cases where you’ve taken out an unsecured loan or a merchant cash advance, the lender may use a blanket UCC filing or blanket lien, which places a lien on all of your company’s assets. This could include income streams and future receivables.

In either case, the lien placed on your assets can be used to seize those assets to satisfy the debt. In addition to that, many lenders (including merchant cash advance lenders) will usually also require a personal guarantee so that you’ll be personally liable for the debt if your business can’t repay it.

How a UCC Lien Can Impact You

UCC liens are common place in commercial lending, so don’t be surprised if you find one on your business credit reports after taking out a merchant cash advance or any other type of business financing.

The UCC filing isn’t an indicator that you’ve done anything wrong, so it won’t directly impact your business credit scores. However, if you want to obtain credit again in the future, lenders may balk at approving your application. This is especially true if you have a blanket UCC filing.

This is because your existing creditor has indicated that they can lay claim to one or more of your assets if you can’t pay your bills. If it’s just one asset for an equipment loan or other type of funding, it just means you can’t use that asset to secure another loan as long as the original loan is still outstanding.

But if you have a blanket UCC filing, the new creditor will have subordinate status. In other words, if you default on your debts, the lender with the first UCC lien will have first dibs on your assets. If there’s nothing left over after that, subsequent lenders may not get repaid.

So while UCC liens won’t hurt your credit scores directly, they can impact your overall creditworthiness.

Finally, if you can’t repay a merchant cash advance, the MCA provider may go so far as contacting your existing customers and demanding payment from them for the goods or services you’ve provided. This is because your customers have essentially purchased your future accounts receivable, so their future payments to you are considered an asset for purposes of the UCC lien.

If you find that the filing is inaccurate, you can dispute the information with the secretary of state in the state you reside. That said, you may try to contact the MCA provider first to see if they’ll change it on their own. But if not, you have regulators to help protect you and your business. You can also contact a merchant cash advance attorney that regularly resolves business debt.

How to Get Rid of an MCA UCC Lien?

In most cases, UCC-1 filings are removed as soon as the borrower has repaid the debt. However, an MCA UCC lien can stay on your business credit reports, even after you’ve satisfied the debt.

If this happens, you have some options hire a Business Attorney.

When to Consider Hiring an Attorney

If you don’t have the time to deal promptly with your MCA funder. In many situations where something goes wrong with a UCC lien, An attorney can also be worth considering if you’ve defaulted on your MCA. An attorney can also help you navigate the process and even negotiate a settlement to pay less than what you owe.

Merchant cash advances are one of the most expensive forms of business funding. If you have an MCA UCC lien on your business, you’ll need to pay off or refinance the debt to get rid of it.

Defaulting on business debt means you’ve breached your contract with the lender. At that point, they can take additional steps to collect the debt. For instance, They may take legal action and sue you in court. This is not only costly in terms of legal fees, but you could end up having your bank accounts frozen, assets liquidated, and more if you lose the case.

With some types of business financing, such as merchant cash advances (MCAs), your contract may contain aConfession of Judgment (COJ). This allows the creditor to file a lawsuit and obtain a judgment against your business without going through the regular lawsuit process or giving you the opportunity to represent yourself in court.

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